Lowrance Elite 7 CHIRP Reviews: Should You Buy This?

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The fishing industry is one of the most important food industries in the world. Millions and millions of fish, some of the rare species even, are caught with precision by professionals.

Catching fishes with such precision in vast oceans, sea, river needs appropriate tools with it. Fish fenders are an important tool for the entire task of catching fishes.

It helps you with navigation, spotting fishes and other functions which make this tedious job easy to execute.

Lowrance is a renowned and established company in marine technology which provides you with excellent quality marine technology. This article aims at Lowrance elite 7 chirp reviews.

Lowrance Elite 7 CHIRP Reviews


  • Sonar: Broadband CHIRP and DownScan
  • Transducer: Transom, Number 000-10976-001
  • Screen Size: 7 Inches
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Display Type: 16-bit Color TFT
  • Weight: 2.3 Pounds
  • Depth Capability: 1,000 ft. for CHIRP sonar, 300 ft. for Down Scan
  • Power Output: 500 Watts (RMS)
  • Power Input: 10-17 VDC

Lowrance manufactures easy to use and comprehensible devices for fish finding and even provides with free software updates to keep the device up-to-date.

Thus, this is a very reliable company which aims at giving fishermen a better helping hand during fishing.

Wide LCD and Chirp

This Lowrance elite 7 inch fish finder has amazing qualities to bedazzle you. With a 7 inch wide LCD screen and a display resolution of 800X 480, this fish finder allows you to look at a wider area in a go.

This helps you with locating potential catches and also gives you a rough estimation of the location of the target in the wider scenario.

This 7 inch screen comes with a CHIRP sonar and downscan imaging with a base map and built-in GPS. CHIRP stands for Compressed High Intensity Radiated Pulse and this sonar is a very powerful fish-finding tool.

It sends high pulse energy to the water column to generate images with utmost precision and also helps the fishermen with knowing the bottom of the sea/ocean, etc.

The downscan imaging technique further enhances the images because its anglers give images of underwater structures like trees, rocks, fishes, etc. and facilitates distinguishing one element from another.

Therefore, to brief the advantages of chirp sonar- it helps identifying fish targets and bait, allows identification of targets in greater depths and locating targets clearly at high bat speeds as well.


The Lowrance fish finder has a transducer with 83/200+455/800 kHz resolution. A transducer sends sound waves into the water column and receives back the echoes of these waves to determine what is the depth of the ocean or sea and at what distance is any structure from the ship including your target fish.

The CHIRP sonar performs better with more number of affordable transducers including the Lowrance HDI skimmer. Also, multiple CHIRP frequencies are captured from a single transducer enhancing the performance of the device.

GPS Antenna

This product comes along with a 16-channel internal GPS antenna that guides you while navigating through large oceans to smallest of seas with precision.

Along with it, the device has a waterproof micro-SD memory card which helps store various routes to help the fishermen. To be more specific the built-in GPS can display up to 3000 lakes and rivers and coastal contours of up to 1000 feet.

More so, the micro-SD card is compatible with Navionics gold chart cards, fishing hot sports ad lake master map cards which help you in accessing full inland and coastal coverage of US, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, etc.

It also has a GPS alarm to alert if the location you aimed to reach is nearby or you are at it. Optional updates in the chart software include lake insight, nautic insight (both PRO and HD versions), Jeppesen C-map max-N. This memory card allows up to 100 routes/100 waypoints per route and 100 retraceable plot trails to 10000 points per trail.

Insight genesis in the device allows you to create your own navigation map for your own better understating and for future references as well. The CHIRP sonar system aids in this process and hence, this device gives you this opportunity as well.

Elite Color Display

The brilliant color display offered by the Lowrance fish finder aids in the interpretation of images and features seen on the display screen.

The bright color display enhances viewing of the screen contents in any condition and in differentiating one feature from the other.

Advanced Signal Processing (ASP)

Advanced signal processing in the Lowrance fish finder reduces your workload of adjusting the settings to be able to spot fishes accurately and with a clear vision.

This feature reduces manual setting adjustment and automatically adjusts all settings so that you can solely focus on the job of catching the fish. These adjustments made by the device also enhance the quality of the image shown so that you can easily distinguish between a fish and the bait, etc.

Trackback Function

This feature is a great advantage of this product and also another step toward reducing your workload. So, the trackback function stores recorded sonar history and allow you to access them whenever you want.

This means no more struggling on stressing on your brain memory to remember routes and fishes found in those routes, trackback does it all for you! It keeps structures, fishing targets, transitions, pinpoint locations, etc in its history.

Multi-Display Window and Page Selector

With such a focus-oriented task at your hand, one must winder how easy would it be to navigate through and with the device. Devices with intricate working are not a welcome treat when your major focus should be towards getting a good catch.

For this reason, Lowrance fish finder comes with a multi-display window panel. It comes with pre-installed page layouts including a three-page layout as well that displays the CHIRP sonar ranches, chart and the downscan imagining. You can choose whichever layout suits best for your understanding and purpose.

Moreover, a one tumb operation is facilitated by the page selector menu. This helps in accessing all the features pf the device smoothly and without any distractions.

Some Other Features

This section pinpoints out those features which play an important part in their way. The Lowrance fish finder does temperature readings of the water. This helps in determining where the more probability of a good catch will lie.

The device also has an adjustable keypad and screen so that you can adjust the angles of the screen and keypad as per your convenience.

The product has a pre-installation of 31 languages worldwide making its appeal to all crowds of the world. This depicts how much effort the manufacturers and designers have put into the product.

Moreover, this product has a noiseless technology to minimize disturbances for the user. It also determines and keeps a track of the boat speed as well.

The downscan overlay technology of the device overlays the downscan imaging onto the CHIRP sonar. This helps in obtaining a full view display of the image at hand with greater clarity. The product is moreover supported by the Lowance Advance Service program.

This program brings in credentials like Certified dealer advantage, OnBoard advantage, SIS Advantage, System Builder advantage 24 swap advantage.

Other smart features include wireless networking moving all hassles of cables for sonar radiating, smooth touchscreen, smartphone notifications on the device which help you in keeping track of your phone as well. More so, wireless connectivity allows you to download and install the latest software updates easily.

Pros And Cons

What I Like:

  • Better imaging with downscan imaging.
  • CHIRP sensors ensure accurate locations of structures.
  • Custom mapping allows making your own maps.
  • The widescreen display offers a better view of images.
  • Scan and track fish in multiple sonar ranges, allowing more accuracy at the job.
  • The Colored screen helps in the differentiation of features.
  • The split-screen is possible.
  • Free software updates from time to time.
  • trackback functions allow reviewing your history.
  • Easy to use.

What I Don’t Like:

  • Limited warranty for one year.
  • Pre-requisite knowledge of nautical measurements, etc required.
  • Too high-end technology may not be comprehensible by all.
  • Initially may take time to adjust to the surroundings.

Final Thought

This Lowrance Elite 7 CHIRP fish finder is an amazing buy for the professional fisherman who works under large fishing companies.

The product provides you with excellent features of mapping, tracking, overlapping, GPS functioning, etc to make our job of catching a fish smoother than before.

With the help of latest technology, the product minimizes risks of bluffs or errors such as mistaking a rock or weed for a game fish, etc. overlapping of sonar and downscan images further enhance your chances at obtaining a great game.

This Lowrance fish finder review should help you understand the functioning of this technologically updated device. Lowrance is one of the most trusted companies in the market which proves its reliability.

Though the limited warranty may bring you second thoughts, the product is with investing.

However prerequisite knowledge of topics like GPS, sonar radiations, nautical measurements, etc is important so that you can grasp what is being displayed to you on the screen and act accordingly in getting your game.

It is not a hard nut to crack and you can easily get these concepts through YouTube videos and other means. Hence, this product is very much with buying.

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